AGMC Auditions

Respect the Brunch


Respect The Brunch is a monthly event that raises money for worthy LGBT-based not-for-profits around Atlanta. Their host, Zocalo, automatically donates 15% of all food and beverage sales to the cause. The event will feature a raffle with all proceeds from the raffle goes to charity as well. Respect the Brunch is sponsored by Salesforce, who DOUBLES those raffle proceeds in order to maximize the event’s impact. Learn more »


Our annual fall fund drive will feature a new attraction this year! We are so excited to present Velvet: A Night at the Cabaret. This entertaining show will feature individual members of the Atlanta Gay Men’s Chorus and the Atlanta Women’s Chorus. You will experience the talents of these amazing performers as they sing their hearts out for you! We will bring you an evening of great entertainment in a setting that is reminiscent of old-time speakeasy gatherings where the music was steamy and the spirits were flowing.

Each ticket includes a FREE Barefoot Wineries tasting from 6 – 7 PM!

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What is Voices of Note?

The renowned Atlanta Gay Men’s Chorus and Atlanta Women’s Chorus comprise the largest community music organization in the Southeast. Each chorus presents three annual concert experiences defined by musical excellence and a commitment to promoting equality for all people.

Voices of Note, the not-for-profit organization governing our choruses, is a catalyst for social change. It provides an opportunity to be inspired, a journey to places in hearts and minds that have yet to be explored, and a voyage into the perspective of our neighbors, teachers, siblings and friends.

Above all, Voices of Note believes that the most effective way to deliver the message of equality for all people is with music. Through music, we are changing hearts and minds.

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