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Season 2014-15

Good Girls Gone Bad

Good Girls Gone Bad
June 5-6 | Druid Hills Presbyterian Church
From fairytale princesses to Broadway villains to the naughty girls of rock and pop! There is a little bit of all women in each of the female characters recognized by the AWC in this fun romp through classic and popular music. It’s sure to bring out both the good side and the bad, as the women of the AWC let down their hair for this special event.

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What is Voices of Note?

Voices of Note is many things to many people. To its audiences, and at its core, it delivers an experience defined by musical excellence. But through this experience, it is also much, much more: It’s a catalyst for social change. It’s an opportunity to be inspired. It’s a journey into places within our hearts and minds that have yet to be explored. It’s a voyage outside of oneself and into the perspective of others: your neighbors, your teachers, your sisters, your friends.

But Voices of Note is what it is to its audiences because of what it means to its members. To the membership of each chorus, it is a community united. A community brought together by a common purpose: a passion for excellence in vocal performance, a thirst for equality of all peoples, and a belief that music is the most effective way to deliver that message.

This ideal is conveyed through the dynamic performances of the Atlanta Gay Men’s Chorus and the Atlanta Women’s Chorus, each with its own identity, but unified in a common goal. Through these two talented ensembles, indeed voices of note, together we are changing hearts and minds through music.


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